Nanomnia: Nano and microtechnology for innovation

Nanomnia: Nano and microtechnology for innovation

Biz-Interview with Marta Bonaconsa, CEO & Co-Founder of Nanomnia Srl

A year has passed since the innovative startup operating in the field of nanotechnology and microtechnology entered the BizPlace network.

Nanomnia provides the encapsulation of active ingredients in nano/organic microparticles as an intelligent way to improve stability during processing and in final products. It focuses on fields in which nanotechnologies can promote benefits ranging from cosmetic, pharmacological, environmental to medical technology.

Before starting to work with us, the main concern of the startup that comes from Verona was the development of the prototype.

In September 2018, our two companies meet thanks to “The Startup Training”.

In the delicate Seed Investment phase, what prompted the Nanomnia team to rely on us “was the speed of approach, the wealth of ideas and the continuous scouting and screening of investors that has always created new possibilities over time”, says Marta Bonaconsa, CEO & Co-Founder of Nanomnia Srl. “We found a lot of affinity with BizPlace, itself a startup that managed to understand our needs. We speak the same language “.

The support of BizPlace has resulted in accelerating the dynamics of development and breaking up the initial inexperience in facing the finance world, “in this way we have managed to have a greater awareness of the possibilities and potential of our business” – continues Marta – “A constructive dialogue between several parties has been opened”.

The company has patented an organic shell for the encapsulation of crop protection products: an innovative technology ensures that the diseased plant recognizes the antiparasitic treatment that is applied to it as a part of itself and therefore incorporates it, reducing the risk of rejection, facilitating assimilation and allowing the use of dosages up to 100 times lower than traditional standards. After the research project on vine pests carried out in collaboration with the University of Padua and the Council for experimentation and research in agriculture in Conegliano Veneto, Nanomnia was recently promoted to our partner Unindustria of Confindustria Lazio, winning the Award of € 30 Thousand and getting a surprising resonance between incubators and partners.

“We owe it to BizPlace,” says Marta. Now the startup is preparing a battle against Xylella, the killer bacterium that threatens the economy of the olive tree in Puglia.

Our wish, as a partner, is to continue to support Nanomnia and its sensational business. Marta instead gives us these wonderful words:”You are all very young and I wish you to branch out as much as possible into the Italian financial ecosystem as a consulting and mediation company. The experience will open up even more roads. For us you have been a solid partner because the order of magnitude of a startup is that of BizPlace and that is why it works and others do not work “.

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