Why should invest in Cyber Security?

Why should invest in Cyber Security?

We live in a digital world dominated by technological devices and Internet connections, which is revolutionising our society by favouring information sharing and creating new methods for economic and commercial exchange: if on one hand this offers us new opportunities, on the other hand it also introduces new threats. Every day sensitive data and information is shared that exposes us to cyber risks and shows how much more attention needs to be paid to the issue of cyber security.

Cyber Security is the set of means, technologies and procedures used to protect information systems in terms of availability, confidentiality and integrity of data and information assets. It also focuses on aspects related to the security of information, made accessible by computer systems. To counter potential cyber-attacks that may affect individuals, private companies, public bodies and government organisations, technology must be able to be robust, resilient, and responsive.

In 2020 cyber-attacks worldwide increased by 12% compared to the previous year (Clusit Report 2021.) In the year of the pandemic, the experts from the ‘Italian Association of Information Security’ registered a negative record of cyber-attacks: globally there were 1,871 serious attacks in the public domain, i.e., those that had a systemic impact on every aspect of society, politics, economy, and geopolitics.

This means that, on average, in 2020, there were as many as 156 serious attacks per month in 2020, the highest number ever recorded (there were 139 in 2019.) This confirms the steady upward trend that has seen an increase of 66% in serious attacks since 2017.

The global damage caused by this real cyber escalation is estimated to be worth twice Italy’s GDP, i.e., over 3,400 billion euros.

The correlation between the economic prosperity of a nation and the quality of its cyber infrastructures will, in fact, become ever closer and for this reason, many advanced countries are designing and implementing national strategic plans that, involving the public, private, and research sectors, aim to strengthen the defence of infrastructures against cyber-attacks.

The cyber-security market finds itself at the beginning of a phase that could bring enormous opportunities for growth, as there are many innovative providers that are not yet listed.

Investors in the hi-tech sector are keeping a close eye on these vendors, waiting for the companies that help other companies defend themselves to churn out growing turnovers and to be ready to take the stock market by storm.

Recent Wall Street debuts include Rapid7 and Mimecast; among the start-ups to be monitored for a likely and imminent IPO are LogicMonitor, CrowdStrike, Illumio, Tanium and Tenable Network Security

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