About us

BizPlace is an Italian fundraising consulting firm for start-ups and SMEs.

Thanks to a network of 500 investors, as well as the skill and dedication of our team of analysts, sales managers and marketers, we are able to guarantee our start-ups and SMEs the highest investment success rate in Italy.

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BizPlace's approach

Our mission is to support start-ups and small and medium enterprises from the definition phase of the financial strategy, to the drafting of the documentation, to the presentation of the project to investors and the obtaining of capital.

1. Documentation

We’ll compile all the documentation for you to show to the investors:

Business plan

Company valuation

Investor Pitch Deck

Executive summary

Investment milestone

2. Deal Flow

We present your project to our interested investors through:

Target investor selection

Presentation of the start-up to interested investors

Weekly deal flow update report

3. Due Diligence

We accompany you until the closing of the financing by acting as intermediaries in the process of Two Diligences, coaching in negotiations and Deal Closing, until the obtaining of funds.

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