BizPlace financial advisor to Nextsense’s €2.1 million seed round

BizPlace financial advisor to Nextsense’s €2.1 million seed round

Milan, 30th June 2022. Nextsense S.r.l., an innovative SME of the P&P Patents and Technologies group which is active in the field of infection control and owner of the Biovitae patent – a non-UV microbial LED light that sanitises surfaces and environments reducing the spread of viruses and bacteria – has recently raised resources for a total of €2.2 million divided between Equity and Debt, closing one of the largest seed rounds in Italy in 2022. Venture capital holding company, Ulixes Capital Partners, has acted as lead investor in the Equity round, subscribing over €600,000 in capital increase. Through Azimut Direct – the fintech of the Azimut Group – the company has simultaneously obtained a direct lending of €1,500,000, undersigned by an institutional investor.

Biovitae, a patent owned by the innovative SME Nextsense S.r.l., represents the only technology in the world that uses a combination of LED frequencies of the visible spectrum (non-UV) that are effective in aerosols and on surfaces and can control the spread of viruses and bacteria. The Biovitae solutions, already sought-after and used by important multinationals in the aeronautics, naval, automotive, electrical appliance, energy, real estate, and health sectors, are easily integrated into the existing machinery and lighting systems, without their structures needing to be modified.

The funds raised will be used to accelerate the plan for industrial growth, to boost research and development efforts related to the technologies in the portfolio, and to strengthen the current organisational structure.

The investment in Biovitae represents the first deal completed for Ulixes Capital Partners in 2022, and the 16th since it began operations in July 2019.

The Covid-19 pandemic demonstrated how our globalised world is exposed to the fast circulation of dangerous pathogenic agents, partly due to the lack of effective and continuous sanitisation in our work and living spaces. Biovitae stands as one of the least invasive yet most effective solution to this need. The new demand generated by the growing need to live in sanitary environments has created a new market, a combination of the LED lighting market and the light-based sanitising market, named “Human Centric Sanitising Lighting which is growing at a CAGR of 14.25% and which is potentially valued at $35 billion, or 47% of the total LED lighting market at $75 billion.

“We are glad to start this collaboration with Ulixes Capital Partners who, at this stage, represent the ideal partner for development of the technology and its consolidation in the market. A particular appreciation goes to Azimut Direct who has understood the potential of the project, supporting us in the financial operation. Over the last three years, we have worked mainly to create a solid technical and scientific base and to consolidate the credibility of our technology amongst the scientific community and the market. The continuous sanitation offered by Biovitae introduces a new paradigm of microbiological safety inside closed environments and we believe that, also in the light of current and future risks of pandemics and epidemics, there is every opportunity for our technology to become the standard.” – Dr. Mauro Pantaleo, CEO of Nextsense

“The investment in Biovitae confirms Ulixes Capital Partners’ commitment to the Italian ecosystem of innovation, in support of disrupting technological excellences operating in double-digit growth markets and led by a team with a solid and proven ability to execute. We belive that Biovitae has all the characteristics to become a €150-200 million turn-over unicorn within the next four years and we are proud to be able to support them on this journey.” – Dr. Andrea Bonabello, CEO of Ulixes Capital Partners

“A fintech such as Azimut Direct is naturally predisposed towards companies that make innovation and technological avant-garde the characteristics of their entrepreneurial commitment. Our work takes the form of joint consulting and structuring of alternative finance instruments for raising capital from qualified investors. Our investor community is always ready to enthusiastically support high value-added initiatives such as Biovitae.” – Dr. Antonio Chicca, Managing Director of Azimut Direct

As part of the transaction, Ulixes Capital Partners was assisted by BLB Studio Legale, while Nextsense was assisted by the vertical venture capital boutique BizPlace, who acted as a financial advisor, and for legal aspects by the law firm LCA.

Ulixes Capital Partners is a holding company founded in July 2019 by specialists of Venture Capital, targeting early-stage Italian and international start-ups. Ulixes invests in innovative, post-technological validation companies, led by teams of bright people with an ambitious business model and an international vocation. The objective of the holding, which operates through ad-hoc vehicles called Argo, is to bring a newer, more efficient, and accessible way of investing in Venture Capital to Italy, generating significant returns for investors and contributing to the development of the innovative Italian ecosystem.

Azimut Direct S.p.A is the company of the Azimut Group – the leading independent Italian Group operating since 1989 in the asset management sector – specialising in minibonds, direct lending, private and public equity. Azimut Direct is the fintech platform for the real economy born to meet the extraordinary financial needs of Italian companies, supporting their growth and development through joint consulting and structuring of alternative finance instruments for raising capital from qualified investors.

Nextsense S.r.L., owner of the BIOVITAE® patent, is an extra muros research company that operates in the field of translational research, to break down the gap between pure and applied research, utilising the results of the best scientific experiments and promoting innovation in the field of health and well-being.

Nextsense forms part of the P&P Patents and Technologies Group, whose core business is the prevention of infections and the fight against antibiotic resistance.

Nextsense S.r.l. contact
Mauro Pantaleo
Mob. +39 3472380120

Ulixes Capital Partners S.r.l. contact
Andrea Bonabello
Mob. +39 3485665844

Azimut Direct S.p.A contact
Francesca Bartoli, Ph.D. (Azimut Direct)
Mob. + 39 338 41 06 406

Media Relations
Eleonora Porretto (Esclapon & Co.) Mob. +39 346 87 66 008

Disclaimer: The information contained in this document is provided for information purposes only and its disclosure is not to be regarded as a solicitation of public savings.

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