The SaaS market: exponential growth

The SaaS market: exponential growth

According to the report published by Ark Invest, SaaS ‘could be the biggest leap forward in information technology in history’.

In fact, today, even without any particular initial investment or specific skills, you can for example create a website in a few clicks, use a CRM to grow your business or improve the UX on my platform to give the user a better experience.


Thanks to SaaS (Software as a Service), which is a software model accessible from any device via the Internet without additional technology. Basically, it is a software producer who develops, operates (directly or via third parties) and manages a web application and then makes it available to its customers via the Internet on a subscription basis.

But what are the reasons for the exponential growth of this technology?

First of all, SaaS offers a number of advantages to its users:

No hardware is needed: just a device and internet access;
updates are minimal;
access is very simple;
the software is customisable to the users’ needs;
they are fast solutions as they are integrated in the Cloud;
they are subscription-based, which means that the cost is linked to actual use;
they allow you to work in total security, even remotely, by keeping your data in a single virtual storage facility;
the information contained in a SaaS is traceable and measurable, which means that you always know your statistics, are aware of your weaknesses and can therefore improve.

All of these advantages mean that the SaaS market is still growing by 30% every year (*Affde), and this is also due to the spread of Covid 19, which has forced many companies to switch to remote working and therefore to equip themselves with software that allows remote collaboration.

For example, all those SaaS designed to increase the general productivity of companies, which have obviously played a fundamental role in this context, such as Google Docs, Zoom, Slack, Microsoft Teams, etc., have benefited from this.

The SaaS market, therefore, is still buzzing today and will come to occupy 80% of the software market in the next 10 years (*Ark Invest).

How are companies reacting to the growth of the SaaS market?

With a view to growth and continuous improvement, companies have started to invest boldly and decisively in the cloud to support their digital transformation journey, at least starting to innovate and modernise part of their IT infrastructure or service offering.

We at BizPlace, who have been supporting innovation for years, have also recently developed and launched Investor Reporting software, a proprietary SaaS that allows entrepreneurs to effectively meet their investor reporting obligations while having their key business and financial KPIs updated and available in real time on a single platform.

The cloud is effectively becoming the basis of the digital strategies of all Italian companies and is leading to a truly pervasive and effective long-term digital transformation.

If you would like to learn more about this topic, or if you are interested in one of our services for your company, please do not hesitate to contact us. One of our experts will be able to help you.

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