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Investor Reporting

Our Investor Reporting team, accustomed to dealing with Business Angels and Venture Capital funds, offers a customised reporting service for the management of the company and for its investor partners, analysing and summarising the main business, financial and R&D KPIs. The frequency of reporting can be quarterly, half-yearly or yearly.
Who is this service for?
Company management; Partner investors
Intuitive tool for internal management control and financial planning; Useful tool for monitoring key business and financial KPIs

Collection and analysis of data

1-2 weeks

Analysis of the company’s business model, interviews with top management and discussions with the professionals (both internal and external) involved up to then in the management of accounting, in the business development on the commercial side and and in the Research and Development, with the aim of gathering all the information necessary to proceed


Summary and Training

1-2 weeks

Summary of the most relevant data into a single, intuitive “dashboard” that makes the tracking of key business, financial and R&D KPIs possible. Subsequent training by our team using internal company resources to understand this data and the ongoing collection of it


Reporting to and active management of investing partners

1-2 days

Production of the report which is to be sent periodically to the investing shareholders and to be used internally by the management. Where required and necessary, it is possible to provide filter actions and management of requests from the company’s stakeholders for more details/clarification of the data included in the report

Who has chosen this service

These are some of the businesses that have chosen BizPlace for its Investor Reporting service

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