BizPlace is supporting the FinTech industry in Italy – BizPlace FinTech Call

BizPlace is supporting the FinTech industry in Italy – BizPlace FinTech Call

BizPlace FinTech Call

BizPlace is supporting the FinTech industry in Italy

BizPlace FinTech Call

On June 1, BizPlace launched the FinTech call to find start-ups and SMEs operating in the FinTech and digital payments sector. This call is addressed to FinTech early stage startups, with a product or service already validated on the market.

Startups that meet these requirements will have the opportunity to follow our venture capital fundraising path. The service includes all phases of investment research, from the drafting of the documentation, to the presentation to investors and ending with the negotiation of the investment agreement.

Following the launch of the call last week, we have seen great interest from young companies in the industry, and we would like to thank all those who have applied.

How do you define FinTech?

The term ‘FinTech’ refers to a wide range of companies within the ‘Financial Technology’ sector. Some of the most important subcategories are: payments, money management, loans, asset management, Trading, InsurTech (technology in the insurance industry).

FinTech projects use ‘simple’ technologies and complex software to alter the way the market currently operates. The aim is to facilitate all types of financial transactions for both companies and individuals.

Do you have a Fintech startup?

FinTech in Italy

Compared to other European countries, such as the UK, the FinTech sector in Italy has room for improvement: according to Findexable, Italy ranks 24th in the world. In recent years, however, we have seen significant growth: in 2020 there are 278 Italian FinTech startups, compared to 229 in 2019. In 2019, FinTech startups businesses increased 40% more than in 2018, with a total of €374 million.

A sector that requires investment to achieve its great potential

A PwC report on the Italian FinTech sector concluded that one of the main problems of development is the lack of investment in Italian startups – with more investment, companies could grow and reach their huge potential. Total investment in FinTech in 2019 was €154 million, a 23% reduction compared to the previous year. The report states that the difficulty in finding suitable investments is the main cause of weakness in the Italian FinTech sector.

With all the opportunities that the health emergency offers to FinTech startups, now is the time to focus on the development of these companies through a focus on fundraising. This is the goal of the BizPlace FinTech Call.

BizPlace is the leading company in Italy in financial advisory and venture capital fundraising services for start-ups and innovative SMEs. Our strong network of over 500 investors, the team’s strategic finance expertise and our extensive field experience give startups the best investment opportunities.

Registrations for the BizPlace FinTech Call are open until June 20, 2020.

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