Innovative financing: our new partnership with ECS

Innovative financing: our new partnership with ECS

Innovative financing:

our new partnership with ECS

We are pleased to announce our partnership with ECS (European Consulting Solutions).

ECS is a company which advises start-ups and SMEs in the field of alternative finance and subsidised finance.

Our two companies are working together to offer a minibond consultancy service to SMEs in the portfolio of BizPlace, Italy’s leading consultancy for financial advisory and venture capital fundraising.

Minibonds are a solution for SMEs with short term liquidity requirements: they are debt securities issued by the SME and underwritten by professional and expert investors.

The two founders of ECS, Francesco Acri and Tommaso Petito, commented on the partnership:

‘It is essential that companies activate the second channel of liquidity to manage their business model, especially if it has been affected by COVID-19.

The ability to find alternative financial sources to the traditional channels is an essential and functional element to give new life and support now that business is resuming.

The number of SMEs using financial markets to locate adequate resources to sustain their management costs and their development plans is rising.

This protocol, signed with a valid and structured business such as BizPlace, increasingly strengthens our business and is evidence that the strategy – ours and our partner’s – of specialised support to SMEs is going in the right direction.

Federico Palmieri, CEO of BizPlace, agrees:

‘We are glad to enter into this important partnership with such a valuable player in the bond industry.

Today more than ever is it essential for small and medium-sized companies to open themselves up to alternative debt channels and innovative financial instruments such as minibonds.

We at BizPlace manage many Italian SMEs and we are proud to be able to open up this world thanks to the support of ECS.’