The importance of updating your investor members

The importance of updating your investor members

The success of an investor depends on the success of the company, which is why it is important to keep your investor partners continuously updated on business results, decisions, and changes.

It is part of the ethics of this community to be fair towards those who have decided to invest their capital in your project, also conducting a timely and continuous updating of your business activities in order to create a relationship of loyalty between the subject and the company. itself. In this way, the investor will feel part of your project, becoming the brand ambassador of your product or service and ultimately will always be ready to invest in you in future projects.Here are three pointers that can be used to maintain contact with investors:

1. Build relationships and trust:

The investing partner is not just a person who brings money into your company, but a person who accompanies you in growth. He is a person who believed in your project from the beginning and therefore, even in times of difficulty, remains by your side.Precisely for this reason it is important to build and strengthen relationships of trust with them over time. It will be the investor himself who, thanks to his knowledge on the subject, will provide you with input on how to improve your service, allowing you to increase the chances of receiving further investments.

2. Send an e-mail / newsletter:

It is an inexpensive tool that allows you to reach all investors in a simple and effective way.It is sufficient to send an email on a quarterly basis (or monthly, according to the strategy adopted by your company) in which the results, changes and future strategies are exposed.A useful tool because it makes the company close to the investor at all times, even and above all in difficulties, and allowing for constant updates on the current situation and on how to act.

3. Organize an update call:

Through a periodic update call, a more human and solid bond is established with the members, moreover through the video tool or other types of sharing, projects can be exhibited in such a way as to be all aligned and also receive direct feedback.These indications constantly allow investors to be involved and motivated by always providing detailed, precise and quality information. In light of our experiences, we are able to offer the Investor Reporting service, to continue to support startups and our investor members at all stages.To find out more, get in touch with our team

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