The characteristics of the women’s enterprise fund

The characteristics of the women’s enterprise fund

The Women’s Enterprise Fund is the national incentive promoted by MISE and managed by Invitalia that supports the creation and development of women’s enterprises with non-repayable and interest-free support.

Who can access the female enterprise fund?

The fund supports all women’s enterprises of any size, whether newly established or already established, located throughout the country. The application can also be submitted by natural persons, who undertake to set up the women’s company after admission to the fund.

Women’s enterprises eligible for the facility are:

  • Self-employed women with VAT number
  • Sole proprietorships with a woman as owner
  • Cooperatives or partnerships with at least 60% women members
  • Joint stock companies with 2/3 of their members and directors being women.

The requirement must be maintained for at least 3 years following the completion of the project development period, which can last up to 24 months.

What does the fund finance?

The fund provides financing for investment programmes lasting up to 24 months from the signing of the financing contract.

The cost plan provides for the financing of the following cost categories:

  • Purchase of brand new capital goods, machinery, equipment and facilities
  • Building works up to 30% of the contribution
  • Employees needed to carry out the activity
  • Operating costs up to 20% of the cost plan; 25% in the case of enterprises that have been established for more than 36 months

Businesses established for less than 12 months can present investment projects up to €250,000.00. The non-repayable contribution made available is as follows:

Projects up to €100,000.00 can get up to 80% of the expenses within a maximum ceiling of €50,000.00. The contribution is up to 90% for unemployed women.
Projects up to €250,000.00 are eligible for 50% of the grant up to a maximum of €125,000.00.

Businesses that have been established for more than 12 months can present investment projects up to €400,000.00 to open new businesses or expand existing ones.

In this case, the facilitation provides a mix of non-repayable fund and interest-free financing with a coverage of the investment plan up to 80% for a maximum of €400,000.00 of the cost plan to be submitted.

The percentage of the financing that is disbursed must be repaid in eight years at zero interest.

When can it be applied?

For new enterprises:

  • The application is active from 5 May 2022.
  • The application can be made from 19 May 2022 onwards

For businesses already established for more than 12 months:

  • Filling in the application will be active from 24 May 2022
  • Application can be made as of 7 June 2022

For the purposes of the correct application on the platform it is advisable to check the objective requirements prior to the application on the platform of the application.

In addition, in order to access the Invitalia platform it is necessary to have a digital identity (SPID, CNS, CIE) and a digital signature to sign the required documentation.

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