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We support innovative projects with the highest potential in dealing with the various stakeholders in the listing process, both for the AIM and Professional segments of Borsa Italiana.
Who is this service for?
Growth Stage Startup; Innovative SMEs; Venture Capital Funds; Private Equity
To maximise the shareholders’ return, making the most of the project’s potentials and representing them in a credible equity story.

Deal definition and planning

2-3 weeks

Definition of the strategy, structure and objectives of the listing process also through targeted meetings with the other parties involved, in particular Nomad, Global Coordinator, Borsa Italiana, Investment Funds specialised in IPOs, Specialist Banks and operators specialised in Research, Legal Firms specialised in drafting Info memoranda.


Commercial Due Diligence

1-2 weeks

Company analysis and description with the aim of defining its strategic position and its competitive advantage, specifically:

Description of business model and route to market for the main business lines and market segments
Analysis of product portfolio and applications by market segment
Discussion and comment on recent performance of the main business lines;
Client and perceived strengths analysis
Analysis of the market in key geographic areas
Focus on potential growth strategies and correlated risks

Light Financial Due Diligence

1-2 weeks

Company analysis and description with the aim of providing and overview of its financial performance record, particularly in the following areas:

P&L record with commentary on key results and KPls, sales performance and fluctuations and EBITDA bridge
Analysis of orders and contracts
P&L of the current year and commentary on the main changes YOY and compared to budget
Analysis of tangible and intangible fixed assets
Analysis of the main working capital items

Accounting & Tax Due Diligence

1-2 weeks

Analysis and description of the company with the aim of verifying the formal and substantial correctness of the accounting and taxation practices adopted up to that time and more specifically:

Status of the company's tax compliance over the years; Analysis of the company's main tax attributes
Analysis of the main tax attributes of the company
VAT status of the Target and VAT treatment of the main items of expenses and revenues
Description and qualification of potential tax liabilities
Compliance with national and international accounting standards
Analysis of historical and forecast investments and liquidity ratios
Analysis of revenue and cost trends

Business Plan Review

2-3 weeks

Validation of the company’s development plan with particular attention to the growth strategy and the consistency of the plan’s assumptions, with reference to the work carried out during the market and competition analysis and in the Light Financial Due Diligence.


Support for drafting of the Info Memo and Admission Document

3-4 weeks

Support for the diverse actors involved in the process of drafting all the necessary documents for the listing and in particular the memorandum information and the Admission Document.


Support in the Road Show phases

1-2 months

Support in the project presentation phases to diverse institutional and non-institutional investors associated with the Global Coordinator and the Nomad and support in the definition of the company’s economic value to obtain a placement price in line with its fundamentals.

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