Our Services

Corporate Services

We support companies in extraordinary finance transactions such as M&A and in scouting out the most promising innovative start-ups for commercial and/or investment synergies


6-8 months

We support companies in extracting value from the extraordinary finance transactions that best meet their needs and in particular in acquisition, sale and merger transactions, also using third party professionals with vertical expertise in tax and legal areas and industry experts for origination activities.

Maximising returns for shareholders
Making the most of the assets and cost and revenue synergies associated with the M&A transaction

Innovation Scouting

4-5 weeks

We support medium and large-sized companies that intend to pursue an inorganic growth strategy by generating value through commercial and/or investment synergies with the most promising start-ups in line with their needs operating in complementary sectors. The activities offered are aimed at researching, studying and analysing the best opportunities on the market in relation to the company’s needs to be subsequently channelled into a special virtual Demo Day. What do we offer?

Lean and fully digitised approach
Scouting for outsourced technologies
Guaranteed screening quality thanks to BizPlace's central position in the Italian startup ecosystem
Low costs
Proven experience in analysing and identifying promising start-ups

We can help your company at different stages