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Innovation Scouting

We provide specialist support to medium/large-sized companies that intend to pursue an inorganic growth strategy, generating value through commercial and/or investment synergies with the most promising start-ups in line with their needs, operating in complementary sectors. The activities offered are aimed at researching, studying and analysing the best opportunities on the market in relation to the company’s needs, to be subsequently channelled into a special virtual Demo Day
Who is this service?
Large and medium-sized enterprises from +10M/year turnover
Fostering the growth of specific business areas; Increasing your competitive advantage; Intercepting new market trends

Needs Analysis

1 week

Understanding and identifying the needs of the company and the market with the aim of identifying strategic areas of innovation and possible targets for company development.


Needs Prioritization

1 week

Assessment of strategic options in terms of attractiveness and complexity and definition of key parameters for the scouting of target opportunities.



3 weeks

Identification of target solutions on the market by scouting for innovative start-ups that best meet the company’s needs and subsequent selection of the most promising ones to take part in the Demo Day.


Demo Day

1-2 days

Organisation of the Virtual Demo Day. During the event, the selected startups will be able to present their reality through a pitch. The final objective of the event is to reward the most promising startups with which to activate commercial, distribution or other collaborations.

The advantages for the Corporate

The identification of the most promising start-ups for commercial and industrial synergies and/or investment generates a multitude of benefits for large and medium-sized companies wishing to innovate their production processes and organisational models and consolidate their competitive advantage in their target markets. Among the main benefits are:

Reducing the time to market for launching new projects
Reducing costs and risks
Faster access to new technologies
Faster access to new skills/distribution channels
Fostering a corporate culture based on new talent and organisational flexibility
Optimisation of brand identity and brand reputation
Creating and expanding a strategic network for innovation
Optimising the performance of company production assets

Case Study: B2B Software Contest

BizPlace, together with Timenet Spa, a company specialised in offering B2B solutions for internet and voice connectivity, and Heply Srl, a software factory that develops custom solutions, has promoted a B2B Software Contest open to promising Italian companies with a proprietary B2B Software business model that have, at least in part, already validated their technology.
BizPlace conducted the Scouting & Screening activities by identifying a sample of startups in line with the needs of Timenet and Heply. At the end of the evaluation of all candidate projects, 30 startups were selected to participate in the live pitch session and then the winners were elected. The first three classified will be able to activate commercial and distribution partnerships through Timenet and will receive technological support from Heply. In particular, through the service of Innovation Scouting, Timenet has identified the best startups with which to expand the range of commercial services for its network of customers and partners in the country and Heply has identified additional opportunities for collaboration and technological partnerships.

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