Sace-Simest tenders: extension of the deadline for funds for the internationalization of Italian SMEs

Sace-Simest tenders: extension of the deadline for funds for the internationalization of Italian SMEs

The possibility for small and medium-sized companies to access the funds for internationalization provided by Sace-Simest  on the 394 Fund has been extended until June 2022.

The Facilitation Committee, which is responsible for deciding on Simest measures, has resolved the extension of the funds for internationalization from the 394 Fund. The initial deadline was December 3, 2021 and was subsequently extended in line with the new extension of the Temporary Framework for State aid until June 2022.

How many resources are still available to Italian SMEs managed by Sace Simest?

Italian SMEs still have at their disposal about 360 million euros of the 1.2 billion euros allocated by the Recovery Plan. The objective set by the National Recovery and Resilience Plan – PNRR of four thousand companies to be involved in the measure by the end of the year has been amply met.

The company, in harmony with the technical committee, is working at a high pace to approve applications in the shortest time possible and enable SMEs to invest in internationalization projects.

Is the non-refundable quota for companies still foreseen in the Sace-Simest calls for proposals?

The Recovery Plan has also provided for the extension of the non-refundable quota up to 25% for companies with operational headquarters in Italy. In addition, for companies with at least one operational headquarters in Southern Italy, a non-refundable portion of up to 40% of the total amount of the project submitted for financing is envisaged.

For the non-refundable portion earmarked for SMEs based in southern Italy, around 500 million euros have been allocated, compared with the total of 1.2 billion euros allocated for the calls for proposals. To date there has been an excellent response from companies in Southern Italy, which have obtained around 250 million resources, equal to around 30% of the resources allocated.

Which types of Sace-Simest calls for proposals can SMEs access in order to obtain funds?

Sace Simest has structured three different funding calls for access to funds and all of them provide for a non-repayable share.

The resources still available are a total of 360 million euros to be applied to the Sace Simest 394 Fund.

The tenders promoted are:

  • Up to 300 thousand euros for investments aimed at favoring digital and ecological transition to promote competitiveness on foreign markets
  • Up to 300 thousand euros for the development of E-commerce or computer platform developed on its own or through third parties for the sale abroad of products with Italian brand or produced in Italy
  • Up to 150 thousand euros for participation in international fairs and exhibitions, also in Italy. They finance all the costs related to the participation to the fair.

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