Investor Reporting

Redefine the way you measure and communicate data to your members

Our software makes it easy and intuitive to measure and monitor financial and business KPIs for innovative start-ups and SMEs

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Who is this service for?
Company management
Investor members
Intuitive tool for internal management control and financial planning
Useful tool for monitoring key business and financial KPIs

iR Advantages

iR gives you instant, multi-device, 24-hour access to all your financial and business KPIs, always up-to-date.
Build your report effortlessly
Guided and easily obtainable reporting with considerable time and cost savings
Share and update your data
Share and update your members on the progress of your financial and business KPIs.
iR allows you to monitor the performance of your subsidiaries in a single platform accessible 24 hours a day.
Portfolio monitoring
Monitor the progress of your portfolio immediately, accurately, consistently and on a single platform.
Monitoring single companies
View and compare the financial and business KPIs of the subsidiaries of which you are a member.
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iR Features

Quantitative Data
View companies’ economic and financial data on a monthly, quarterly and annual basis through graphs and tables
Data Comparison
Compare monthly, quarterly, yearly financial and business data, in aggregate or by line of business
Cash Flow Automation
Keep track of company cash flow automatically by integrating your current accounts and categorising periodic income and expenditure in the software
Qualitative Data
Update your investors on product, technology and business development achievements
Documents Sharing
Upload and share key company documents (visura, balance sheets, articles of association, presentations, etc.)
KPI Personalization
Define, analyse and monitor metrics of interest to companies. BizPlace can customise the software to meet the needs of companies
Updated financial data
Metrics comparison
Multi-devices access
H24 Support
Data sharing
Ad hoc graphic creation

What are the steps to follow to use the iR software?



by BizPlace

3-5 days

Analysis of the company’s business model and the key characteristics of the project. Creation by the BizPlace team of the company profile and import of historical data, activation of the investor profile and training of the figure within the startup team who will be in charge of data entry


Periodic Data Entry

by the Company

1-2h per month

Each month, the startup team will be guided by the software in entering the required data. Already automated is the input of cash flow thanks to API integration with major EU banks. BizPlace will remotely monitor the process and be available for any needs




The software is immediately available to both start-ups and investors. Data is always up-to-date to the last month and access to the tool is available 24 hours a day

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