FERCAM Future Labs counts on Truckscreenia for future mobile advertising

FERCAM Future Labs counts on Truckscreenia for future mobile advertising

Truckscreeniaan innovative startup supported by BizPlace, is the first startup chosen to join the portfolio of FERCAM Future Labs, the FERCAM Group’s new company whose aim is to invest globally in innovative early-stage startups operating in areas of current and future strategic interest to the FERCAM Group, as well as in emerging startups that are developing disruptive technologies for the future of the Transport & Logistics sector.


FERCAM Future Labs: innovation in the transport and logistics sector


Founded in 1949, the FERCAM Group is one of Europe’s leading logistics operators. At the beginning of the year, the company launched FERCAM Future Labs, a company created to support innovative start-ups by providing know-how and investments to support their development in the early stages of the project’s life. The purpose of FERCAM Future Labs is to support the best innovative solutions in the logistics and transport sector, with support for both the startups and those in their network who work in the sector on a daily basis. Furthermore, FERCAM Future Labs actively works to create a real connection between the business world and that of universities and research institutes, with a focus on digitisation, logistics and sustainability.


Truckscreenia brings digital communication to the road


Truckscreenia is an innovative startup founded in 2019 by Luciano Delmastro, Nicola Maio and Christian Furtschegger, with headquarters at NOI Techpark in Bolzano. A software and hardware company with a focus on data and AI, the startup developed the Truckscreenia System, an environmentally friendly digital solution that creates synergies between the transport, advertising, road infrastructure and traffic management sectors, benefiting all parties involved. Installed on the back of trucks, vans and buses, the Truckscreenia devices use their built-in e-paper screens to transmit dynamic and targeted information – primarily advertising – in real time and ‘on the road’ via a geo-referenced digital communication system.


FERCAM itself uses Truckscreenia’s services and has already installed the startup company’s digital screens on several vehicles, with a particular focus on those intended for urban traffic.

BizPlace’s Role


Truckscreenia has long chosen BizPlace to support it in its fundraising process; defining its capital-raising strategy, drafting project documentation and identifying financial and strategic partners.