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Why the ESG Rating?What are the advantages?

What is it about

With the ESG rating service we support startups and SMEs in analyzing and quantifying their results in terms of environmental, social and governance impact and at the same time outlining an action strategy for the medium and long term to trigger a process of continuous improvement.
What is the impact of your company on the environment and on the territory?
How do you manage relationships with employees, suppliers, customers and the local community?
How do you manage the most internal aspects of the company and its administration?

Why the ESG Rating

Many Italian SMEs do not yet have an ESG rating. Today, however, companies no longer evaluate themselves simply by observing their ability to produce money, but also in producing ethical results, such as social inclusion or environmental protection.

For this BizPlace has developed a rating method of the ESG impact of startups and SMEs based on a qualitative and quantitative assessment of 12 standards. In fact, we believe that ESG criteria are the essential engine to guide the improvement processes for any business.

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What you can do with an ESG Rating

Convince Investors
By equipping themselves with the ESG rating developed by the BizPlace team, companies will be able to be compliant with these increasingly relevant issues in the eyes of investors, increase the sustainability of their business model and consequently their visibility in the financial market.
Attract consumers
Being ESG compliant has a significant impact on consumers’ purchasing choices, as the sensitivity of citizens and consumers now strongly influences purchases and trust in a specific product or brand.
Doing good for your business and the community
Interest in ESG parameters and criteria is becoming increasingly popular among companies, who also consider these parameters as a way to obtain a positive opinion from the external public. ESG strategies, in fact, guarantee a positive impact on society and the environment.

What is the process we follow to obtain the ESG Rating in BizPlace


Information gathering

4-7 days

Definition of the most significant standards and metrics to be analyzed for the calculation of the ESG rating of the company in question. Presentation and support to the company in the collection of qualitative and quantitative information for each ESG area.


Rating analysis and calculation

2-3 days

Evaluation of the information collected and assigning a score to each standard and then defining a score for the environmental, social and governance areas respectively. Analysis of the risks and opportunities of the reference sector, calculation of the final score and elaboration of summary graphs.


ESG Report drafting

2-3 days

Creation of the ESG report containing the main elements of the rating and the final assessments of the analysts. Presentation and illustration of the logic of analysis to management.

How you can use the BizPlace ESG Report

Our ESG report is designed to give the company a useful tool to evaluate, in the most objective and transparent way possible, the impact that its business has on the environment and the community now and in the years to come.

Monitoring tool
The rating, which varies over the years, represents an internal monitoring tool that provides a reference benchmark on which the company can monitor itself and keep track of its sustainability progress.
ESG analysis and certification
The ESG rating certifies your company from an environmental, social and governance sustainability point of view, making it compliant and responsible for the new challenges of the present and what awaits us.
Communication and transparency
It is a document that can be shared and made accessible and downloadable by all the stakeholders of the company (customers, suppliers, partners, financiers) that shows the organization transparent and sensitive to relevant issues, improving the corporate reputation and encouraging potential investors.

Who chose this service

These are some companies that have chosen BizPlace for the ESG Rating service