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Equity Fundraising

We support the best innovative projects in raising the necessary capital to scale through a structured and validated process and advice on vertical VC best practices
Who is this service for?
Seed startups; Early stage startups; Growth stage startups; Innovative SMEs
Establish the best deal to raise the capital needed to strengthen and grow in the market

Formulation and planning of the investment operations

2-3 weeks

Formulation of the best capital-raising strategy for the type of project in question by analysing various parameters, including: its stage of life, business model, reference field, financial requirements and use of funds. The aim is to identify possible critical investment issues in good time, to identify the fundraising channels best suited to the project’s needs and to set the subsequent plan of action.


Implementation of the financial deck and project deck

2-3 weeks

Drafting of the necessary financial documents (company valuation and historical and prospective financial plan consisting of: balance sheet, income statement, cash flow statement, personnel plan, investment plan, etc.) and project documents (Investor Deck including details of the company’s equity story, the proposed innovation, the business model and the team’s ability to execute it, the reference market and the competitive environment, the capital raising plan and the exit strategy).


Deal Flow and Due Diligence

2-4 months

Assistance in the presentation of financial and project documentation to potential financial partners interested in the project, including venture capital funds, corporate venture capital, business angles, family offices and equity crowdfunding platforms in the BizPlace network.

In relation to this phase of the process, our Investment Team is committed to offering the necessary organisation and strategic support, including during any subsequent phases of Due Diligence and negotiation of the investment and/or commercial/strategic agreement until the completion of the transaction in question, on the most favourable contractual terms possible for our clients.

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