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Debt Fundraising

We support companies in obtaining new finance at advantageous conditions for the development of ambitious projects with the help of national and European public funding funds.
For whom it is meant
Established companies; Projects in the idea phase; Startup Seed, Early Stage and Growth Stage; Innovative and traditional SMEs
Financing ambitious projects and companies with the help of particularly advantageous public funds and targeting the applicant company
What we do?
We support companies throughout the process. Starting from the drafting of the documentation for participation in the tender, formalization of the signature of the loan and subsequent reporting of the costs for the disbursement of funds


2-3 weeks

The Simest calls are aimed at financing the Digital and Green transition of Italian SMEs with an international vocation. They finance companies that want to develop an IT platform on their own or through third parties, invest in the digital and ecological transition and participate in international fairs and exhibitions also on the Italian territory.

Up to 40% non re-payabale
Access to financing with no guarantees
Medium-long return times
Advance of 50% of the loan upon signing the contract with Simest

Smart&Start Italy

3-4 weeks

Call for funding that supports the birth and growth of innovative startups throughout the national territory. Interest-free financing of up to 90% of the project for amounts ranging from 100 thousand euros to 1.5 million euros. Companies with headquarters in the convergence regions – Abruzzo, Basilicata, Calabria, Campania, Molise, Puglia, Sardinia, Sicily – can obtain up to 30% of the non-repayable loan

No guarantees
Long pre-depreciation
Long amortization
Disbursement and progress of works

Resto al Sud

3-4 weeks

Call for zero-interest financing for the birth and development of new entrepreneurial and freelance activities in the convergence regions – Abruzzo, Basilicata, Calabria, Campania, Molise, Puglia, Sardinia, Sicily. The announcement covers the total costs of the project, of which 50% at zero interest and the remaining 50% as a grant. It finances a maximum of € 50,000 per shareholder and up to 4 shareholders – for a maximum total of € 200,000. In the case of an individual form, it finances up to 60,000 euros, of which 50% at zero interest and 50% non-repayable. An additional non-repayable grant of € 10,000 per shareholder is envisaged upon completion of the plan for a maximum of € 40,000 per company. The contribution is 15,000 euros in the case of an individual form.

Long pre-depreciation
Long amortization
Advance of 50%
Non re-payable part

ON – Oltre nuove imprese a tasso zero

3-4 weeks

Call for interest-free financing for the creation of micro and small business projects made up mainly of young people under 36 or women of all ages. Companies established for no more than 60 months can access. Interest-free financing of up to 90% of the project with expenses up to 3 million euros with possible non-repayable part

Long pre-depreciation
Long amortization
Dispensing and progess of works
Possible non re-payable part

Bank debt

1-2 weeks

Consultancy aimed at obtaining new credit lines with the help of the Central Guarantee Fund – Law 662/96 – for Startups and Innovative SMEs. Target companies must have at least two financial statements filed, be reliable and have positive future cash flows.

Traditional debt
Fintech Debt
Processing financial Plan
MCC Guarantee
Negotiation of the conditions

We can help your company obtain public funding