Cleantech: Un mercato in crescita

Cleantech: Un mercato in crescita
What is cleantech?
Clean technologies aim to reduce negative environmental impacts and promote sustainability. The cleantech industry has managed to avoid some of the detrimental effects of the Covid-19 pandemic, partly thanks to the fact that it has caused investors and governments to focus on guarding against macro risks, such as environmental risks, which are linked to health problems. [1]
2150 Fund
Significantly, a new VC fund called 2150 has been launched which will support entrepreneurs and startups creating cleantech with an urban focus. They have raised €200million so far, and they expect to raise more in the coming months. Certainly, this European-based fund will lead to exciting innovation in the cleantech sector. [2]
Areas of growth
Within cleantech, it is predicted that hydrogen-based technologies will grow fastest, following a trend seen at the end of 2020. However, growth in renewable energy may be more difficult as greater investment and planning is required for renewable energy storage. [3]
Challenges for the sector
The most major difficulty that is foreseen for the cleantech industry is the length of time that it takes for clean technologies to become commercialised. Many investors, particularly corporations trying to recover from the pandemic, may be discouraged by such long timelines. [3]
However, with the end of the pandemic there is likely to be the opportunity for huge investment in cleantech as economies rebuild themselves with sustainable technologies.
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