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Investor Reporting

Our Investor Reporting team, used to dealing with Business Angels and Venture Capital funds, has developed a proprietary SaaS that allows startups to respond effectively to the disclosure obligations to investors and at the same time to know their main KPIs in real time. business and financial. The frequency of communications can be quarterly, half-yearly or yearly.
Who is this service for?
Company management; Partner investors
Intuitive tool for internal management control and financial planning; Useful tool for monitoring key business and financial KPIs

Initial Setup

3-5 days

Analysis of the company’s business model and the key features of the project. Creation by the BizPlace team of the company profile and import of historical data, activation of the investor profile and training of the figure within the startup team who will be used for data entry


Periodic Data Entry

1-2h per month

Each month the internal figure of the startup team will be guided by the software in entering the required data. BizPlace will remotely monitor the process and will be available for any needs




The Software is immediately available for consultation on both the startup and investor side. The data is always updated to the last month and access to the tool is available 24 hours a day

Who has chosen this service

These are some of the businesses that have chosen BizPlace for its Investor Reporting service

Just Mary
Social Academy
Italy Wow

Discover how to monitor your KPIs and keep your company’s investors up to date