BizPlace forms a partnership iNSQUARED Holding

BizPlace forms a partnership iNSQUARED Holding

The partnership


We are pleased to announce our new partnership with iNSQUARED, a limited company that becomes a full partner of the companies in which it invests, making use of the expertise and network of all its partners. The collaboration aims to strengthen the Italian innovation ecosystem, by facilitating investment in the best startups with BizPlace advising.




iNSQUARED Holding is a limited company that invests in innovative startups, in Italy and abroad, which have significant growth prospects. iNSQAURED’s support is not only financial but also adds value to those it invests in by supporting them through its distinguishing professional network and the experience of its investors.

The company was founded in 2018 by a small group of business angels, with the goal of investing in innovative projects by dynamic entrepreneurs. iNSQUARED’s mission is to simplify access to retail investor assets for startups, creating the best entrepreneurial experience and helping on the road to scaling the project. Over the next five years iNSQUARED aims to create a large portfolio of successful startups.




BizPlace è una boutique di consulenza finanziaria per startup e PMI innovative, verticale sul mondo del capitale di rischio e sui servizi ad esso connessi, con un network conta oltre 500 soggetti tra investitori e partner.

BizPlace is a boutique financial consultancy for innovative startups and SMEs, with a vertical focus on venture capital and related services, with a network of over 500 investors and partners.

BizPlace helps entrepreneurs to value and grow their projects with financial tools and the strategic support most in line with their needs.

One of the services that BizPlace offers is Fundraising Advisory, which supports the most promising projects in raising the capital necessary to scale. Thanks to a network of over 500 partners and investors, BizPlace is able to help startups and SMEs find investments – €28 million have been invested in BizPlace’s portfolio.