Icesquid: the platform that simplifies the software development process

Icesquid: the platform that simplifies the software development process
We are pleased to present a new BizPlace partner: Icesquid, the company that makes developing software and technological and digital products simpler.


The problem – developing software


Icesquid was created to solve a common problem for entrepreneurs: the need for startups and SMEs to develop a new software for their business, from the individual who has an innovative idea for a startup, to the company that needs software for a new line of business. Currently, the process of selecting a software house or a freelancer requires hours of exhausting research with little reward, and the wrong choice can waste time and economic resources. Often companies trust those recommended by their own network, but this system does not bring the best results when there is a gap between the project’s requirements and the developer’s expertise.


One of Icesquid’s co-founders, Alvise Tositti, noticed the problem while trying to initiate a software project. Having faced various obstacles in the process, Alvise decided to develop the solution with a strong team, with the aim of helping other entrepreneurs who found themselves in a similar situation. The team is made up of 4 co-founders: Alvise, Andrea Cazzanti, Giacomo Caturelli, and Alessandro Palumbo, who is involved in Byte-Code, a renowned Italian software house and supported the project from the start.


Market research conducted by Icesquid shows that over 50% of companies use an external team of providers to develop a software or IT product for their business. The same number of people have encountered more or less serious problems during the selection phase, such as difficulty in meeting deadlines or greater complexity than expected, and various project management problems.


The solution – Icesquid


Icesquid helps companies find the best developers for their software projects, and in a few steps the user has access to a number of software houses, selected according to their needs. All the software houses on the platform are verified with proven results in the sectora. Icesquid’s customers can take advantage of consultancy and support services during the selection process, from analysing the project’s requirements to evaluating the quotes. The parameters by which each project is considered are the budget, the company’s sector, the timeframes and the specific characteristics of the software.


BizPlace is happy to have launched a partnership with Icesquid, a company which will strengthen the Italian innovation ecosystem and will help many entrepreneurs to realise their projects. Icesquid’s service will be an important resource for the companies in BizPlace’s portfolio.