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BizPlace has a portfolio of more than 300 startups. Below we present some that we have worked with and continue working with successfully over the past few years.


IOOTA S.r.l. has created Jarvis®, a PaaS  in the IoT field that allows companies to get to know their customers and offer better and better products and services

Dom Terry

Dom Terry develops eco-sustainable and precision farming practices to reduce the use of chemical fertilizers and pesticides


Bloovery is the first digital wholesaler of flowers and plants in Europe, allowing you to buy them directly from Dutch auctions.

Arras Group

Arras Group buys, designs, builds, renovates and sells directly quality properties, protagonists of real estate development in Sardinia.

La Grangette

La Grangette combines AI and hydroponic technology to create a unique home gardening experience.

Dema Engineering

Dema Engineering operates in the IT services sector, providing solutions in the field of application, system and operational support.


Kooness offers everyone, from newcomers to art collectors, a new and simple way to discover, share and acquire modern art.


F.llli Schiano srl produces bicycles for sport and leisure, for adults and children, with a strong tradition of continuous innovation.

Sempli Farma

Sempli Farma is a service that allows chronic patients taking solid oral medication to adhere to the treatment plan.

The Best Equity

Getastand is the first platform that simplifies the connection between exhibitors and event organisers.


Timelosophy is a digital platform that allows users to better manage their commitments in an easy, fast and fun way.


Memento is an Italian SME that creates, produces and distributes innovative toys.

The Best Equity

TheBestEquity is an equity crowdfunding platform with the aim of selecting innovative projects and connecting them with potential investors.

Dema Engineering

Dema Engineering operates in the IT sector, providing solutions in the field of application, system and operational support.


Datatellers applies Big Data and Artificial Intelligence technologies to processes and systems, both in large enterprises and SMEs.


Truckscreenia operates in the Smart Mobility sector and has developed a geo-referenced digital communication system.


Trusters is a new crowdfunding platform offering online real estate investments.


WonderStore is a computer vision platform that allows you to recognises shop visitors, understands their desires and anticipates their behaviour.


Lirecento is a startup specialising in the omni-channel sale of trousers made in Italy.


NETtoWORK is revolutionising the online recruitment model, radically changing the rapport between candidates and companies.


Whappy designs gamification solutions to make companies more productive and collaborative.


Truck4Biz puts companies and hauliers in direct contact for fast, cheap and reliable freight forwarding.

Agricoltura 2.0

Agricoltura 2.0 has developed a method of agriculture to optimise costs and maximising yields in an environmentally friendly way.


GoCamera is an e-commerce platform and online community for GoPro users passionate about sport and travel.


AQMA ITALIA offers patented nutraceutical products, used in many different types of therapies.


TAKOBI is a management system that allows SMEs to manage their business in a simple, fast and low-cost way.


Get is an smart-bracelet based on bone conduction technology.


HPH’s system allows Capex and Opex cost-cutting, compared to current technologies on the market, in the production of Blue-Hydrogen and Methane

Rall K

RALLK develops products for new buildings and for the recovery of existing ones with a focus on environmental sustainability.

My Tutela

My Tutela is the first app to authenticate chats and screenshots so that they are valid in court.


Started1 is the new concept store dedicated to young people who love street wear. It offers a unique selection of sneakers and streetwear, bringing together items from established and niche brands.

La Orange

La Orange is an innovative beverage startup that develops craft beers designed for sportsmen and women.


SiciLife is the first online travel agency internally dedicated to Sicily, created by Sicilians to allow everyone to experience the true Sicily.


JustMary is the first Italian delivery service of Legal Cannabis. It offers quality, speed and confidentiality for every type of customer.


Nubentech is an innovative startup that develops software to make nutritional evaluation simple and accessible.


Locare is an agency that protects the relationship between tenants and property owners with innovative tools.

All Access Ability

All Access Ability designs and builds inclusive accessible environments using the most advanced technologies in neuroscience, robotics and home automation.


Soccerment develops innovative systems of data collection (through smart shin guards) and analyses of football performance data.


Itex is an innovative eco-sustainable startup, with a constant focus on sustainability within the fashion industry.


Coyzy is a community that enables the prevention of dangers and to give or receive help in case of need.


Scubadvisor è l’app per iOS e Android che si rivolge al mondo del diving e dei sub.

Sounds of Things

SoundsOfThings is a social network that depicts the world and our experiences through sound.


BIOVITAE® is a sanitation and lighting system registered as a class 1 medical device.

New Pelli

New Pelli prepares, tans and finishes sheep and goat skins for clothing, footwear and leather goods companies.

Di Pasquale Guthmann

Di Pasquale Guthmann proposes an innovative model to factories to support the production of luxury goods embroidered by hand in Italy.


Soc. EL.C.I. Impianti S.r.l. is a company specialising in the design, construction and maintenance of technological systems.


Slymetrix is a Digital Media Channel Traffic Tracking platform entering the e-commerce section.


UNLIMITED WOMAN is an integrated holistic center dedicated to women and offering a range of services.


Farmamico is a service that allows you to book medical examinations easily.


Salvassistance is a service that provides the necessary insurance coverage to apply for an entry visa to Italy to those who need it.


Lo scopo di Lineapp è quello di ideare, sviluppare e realizzare prodotti innovativi.


I-VASC is a startup focused on the development of a medical device for the treatment of varicose veins.

Ad Astra


BPCOmedia is an innovative medical device for measuring a patient’s state of health.


SoLink is a pioneer in the field of new renewable energy technology.

EV Click

EV Click is a platform that encourages the daily use of electric vehicles.


YEYU is an app and a platform for the world of sport.


Doulix is a platform that allows you to draw synthetic DNA.


Playwood is an innovative assembly system.


Prometheus is a solution for the treatment of skin wounds.

EZ Lab

EZ Lab is an innovative startup specialized in advanced digital solutions for the Smart Agri-food sector.


Ottavia is a professional modular keyboard.

Big Data

Big Data is a data management startup.

Italy Wow

ItalyWow is an app that enters the world of travel-to-italy in an innovative way.

We Wealth

We Wealth is a Wealth Management influencer magazine.



Boxengo provides an innovative mobile and on-demand temporary storage service for furniture and goods.


Contemply sells and promotes Italian art in the global market.



Eucardia develops a revolutionary medical device: Heart Damper, an implantable cardiac device.



Elisium realizes innovative solutions based on artificial intelligence in the automotive industry.



Reco2 produces products that increase the energy performance of the home, with a modern design that only Made in Italy can guarantee.



Sailsquare is the leading European marketplace for sailing holidays.


Retail Capital

Retail Capital is a company specializing in underwear multi-brand channel for the European market.


BikerTop aims to increase the use of bicycles during the year and in all weather conditions.



CloudTrip is a directory of web applications that run in the browser and are typically free.


Predixit is the ideal Marketing Automation platform for eCommerce and Digital Agencies.

Latitudo 40

Latitudo40 transforms earth observation images into information for decision support.



Quakebots is the new vibrational monitoring system for buildings and infrastructures.


BIOSYN offers an innovative 200 CHP cogeneration system, capable of treating different organic matrices to produce electricity and heat.


A team of outdoor enthusiasts who work to change the rules of the game and improve the lives of travelers and sportsmen.


MWG is aimed at translating the outputs of the research in the fields of genetics into viable, sustainable and commercially solid products

Cup Solidale

Find the health care you need easily. Compare in real time the availability and costs of each structure or professional.


Airlite transforms your home walls into a natural purifier, with a 100% natural paint that purifies the air.

Smart Shaped

Smart Shaped is a low-code development platform that helps create quality software on time and on a low budget.


Up2Go is the solution for Corporate Carpool. It allows to reduce costs and facilitate the commuting of employees to work.


Cathedral is the first Test Automation Suite that allows you to manage every aspect of your Software Quality Strategy.


With Mondoyummy you discover new products and producers around you by browsing through the different categories.

Wellness Holidays

Wellness Holidays values ​​properties identified by a religious body.


The Freeble are products offered free of charge by activities close to you that you can win simply by passing close to an affiliated activity.


Iguazu specialises in dog breeding and training.


Young and dynamic team of molecular biologists, clinical pathologists and bioinformatics dedicated to the development of advanced technological solutions for precision medicine.


Farm4Trade develops technological solutions for breeders, public and private institutions in the livestock sector.


It is the innovative web platform that offers any user the possibility of finding orthopedic, rehabilitative or medical products and services suited to their needs.


Timelosophy is a web and mobile platform, designed to help people improve their daily life balance.


Olidata is the first listed European company completely dedicated to the asset class Internet of Things (IoT).


Book a medical examination online wherever and whenever you want. Find doctors, nurses, therapists, veterinarians in the area for a study or home visit.


LinkMed is that place where medicine meets technology to save lives. An independent provider active in the worldwide healthcare industry

World Idol

We create the “imprint” IDOL WORLD of hands and feet of the most famous sports and entertainment figures.


We are the promoter of Big Data for the new generation of data-based price comparison websites.


The Big Data promoter for the generation of WeB price comparison sites.


The portal that guarantees you the best offers, without ever giving up quality.


IEM is an innovative Data Management Platform system specialized in the integrated management of analytical data.


Laila is a Chatbot, which is a conversational agent who speaks Italian. He is able to handle a conversation in a fluid and coherent way, just as if he were a human being.

My Match

My Match has created a software for football facility managers that allows sports people to review and share highlights of a football match.


Scuter offers a Mobility as a Service (MaaS) solution based on an innovative intelligent electric scooter to drive designed for sharing.

Pepper Ticket

Do your business accept meal vouchers? Then you need Pepper Ticket!

Riva Juice

Functional cold pressed juice with the highest concentration of nutritive principles. For maximum well-being.


Apply the functional principle of interaction between pulsed magnetic fields of particular shape and frequency and the damaged biological tissue.


Remotely manage your check-in bureaucracy on your smartphone now!


Marketplace to donate artisans’ reused materials and sell/buy handcrafted products.


The first 2.0 marketplace for footwear craftsmanship to re-launch the Made in Italy.


Economy platform to share equipment, stage materials, locations, professionals, casting, and musical instruments.


Online platform to create, manage, plan and perform tests on any type of software firmware.


EFSS system for integrated business communication and document sharing.

Come Home

Digital platform to create a community of people and share experiences, passions, and much more.


It takes advantage of people’s desire to celebrate themselves, providing photographic studios with a contract to provide services.


Innovative football management video game that develops the basic functionalities of other similar games.

GoGo Bus

GoGoBus is the best solution for those who are tired of their car, queues, and parking lots.


Platform that lets Youtubers and their fans meet on webcam.


It is the first platform whose focus is on digital autographs for fan engagement and monetization opportunities.


App that allows you to shop at the trusted supermarkets directly online.


A unique bicycle variant that makes the turning action more secure than ever.


A solution for motorcycle riders including a system for storing two helmets, a top box, a back protector, and two technical jackets of minimal dimensions.


Specializing in technologies and 3D printing systems for large dimensions. Develops hybrid power bed systems.


The first personal watercraft in Italy with unique design, high autonomy, and respect for nature.


A company specialized in the development, production and sale of armored vehicles.


Progetta e realizza sistemi meccatronici di motion control per la stabilizzazione attiva e dinamica del mezzo navale/aereo. 


It supports organizations in seizing opportunities in digital and social media evolution.

Social Academy

A social learning and marketing automation platform with: skill games and online courses, business in cloud and do lab, and the school on digital skills.


It wants to introduce places that are not easily accessible with augmented reality viewers and drones.


Ice cream as the first food product created and presented through social cooking.


A Webapp that allows restaurateurs to respond to the EU regulation 1169/11, on the obligation to indicate the allergens present in foods.


Creation and distribution of dispensers that dispense the precise amounts of supplements that an athlete must take.


Operates in the sector of products dedicated to sports performance such as psycho-physical activators.


Company specialized in corporate virtual reality solutions characterized by realism, scalability, and performance.

BionIt Labs

It applies information technology to Bionics with the aim of transforming disabilities into new possibilities.


It offers outsourcing solutions for entire business areas, offering business consultancy with the highest quality.


It uses a patented epigenetic test, to produce exclusive supplements (YPS) and begin a personalized treatment.


It transforms ideas into solutions and formalizes them through the filing of patent applications for industrial inventions.


The first app that revolutionizes the problem of distraction driving through a data analysis algorithm.


It realizes real estate brokerage online, guaranteeing and certifying the processes.


The first app that allows art addicts to share experiences, follow top players in the market, sell or buy works of art.


Marketplace that offers retailers and customers the chance to advertise or easily find their favorite item of clothing!

Crypt Security

Startup specialized in the creation of customizable cryptographic algorithms.


The first news site in Italy: street journalists, photographers, people who believe in free and independent information.


It deals with the design and patenting of organic nanoparticles for precision agriculture.


T-Bot is an autonomous robot that produces T-shirts and is able to manage all the production stages of production.

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