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The purpose of this project is to create CARBON FIBER& COMPOSITE MATERIAL FURNITURE, aimed at the LUXURY MARKET, with a particular interest in the Yachting world. To do this, i started to search a technology able to satisfy my requirements and after 1 year I have found an innovative technology, used by a company placed in Carpi-Modena-Italy, that comes from F1-Racing & Aerospace-Aeronautics division, to reduce, almost totally, tricks used by many other manufacturers to give strenght to their products, like ribs, veins and substructures, to allow us to realize shapes never seen before, literally clean. The idea is to recall the emotions you can feel looking, lying and floating on “ A LINE IN SPACE “ that is also our claim.. Everything is “Handmade in Italy”, in limited & numbered edition of 101 pieces for each model. I have also expected special limited editions for some models, as the MONOLITE that is possible to be realized by sculpting a block of polyurethane and covered by a particular layer of spray leather, practically eternal, and available only to those who are already the owner of FAD product. It is possible to customize all products practically under any aspects, excluded obviously the shape. The actual catalogue consists of 5 models of carbon fiber chaise-longue, 10mm thick, completed by cushions & protective bag for transport or period of no use. In the future, I want to create a line of accessories to improve the experience of using the chaise-longue and create another line of chaise- longue. Done this, the third project will be a complete office furniture, obviously in carbon fiber. I am addressing to the luxury market. A marketing plan is oriented on participating to luxury goods expositions, being the supplier of the most valued luxury brand with particular attention to Yachts, Supercars or Fashion world (like FORMOITALIA did with Aston Martin). Another marketing task would be to place some items in strategic shop of the well-known luxury brand in Milan and also in other cities related to luxury market (agreement at this point has to be planned). It will be possible to buy the chaise longue only in pair number; it means, 2 or 4 or 6, etc... and for the special limited edition, only who is just FAD owner could have access to that collection.I am working to see my chaise-longue in the most exclusive place, because they are not only nice and strong, they are also really comfortable to use, a quality that too many design pieces does not have, they inspire good emotions when you touch it and a sensation of uniqueness when you look at their details.The actual collection is visible on WWW.FUROTARTDESIGN.COM website. 3 prototypes are already available, 2 for model MSQUARE, 1 for model LONG (but I can do better with the right resource). LONG has been exposed to the “INTERNATIONAL SALONE DEL MOBILE 2017”, “FUORI SALONE MILANO DESIGN WEEK 2017”, “DISCOVERING PEOPLE & STORIES SUPERSTUDIO MILANO VIA TORTONA 27”, reactions have been positive also if the target customer was not the specific one. A design exposition is good to understand if the product can be liked or not, but luxury expositions would be better to create a real customer base.
My name is Armando Femiano, and I am an Italian creative-designer, former ex-owner of a 10 years construction and renovation company where I was responsible for management, design and furnishing of the interior and exterior spaces of our customers. After having built and furnished thousands of square meters of residential spaces, the passion for design & furniture, especially yachts, has evolved until to create the FUROT ART DESIGN project (FAD), focusing my attention on luxury design furnishing to give space to creativity and turning my ideas, and those of the customers, into tangible realities. The purpose of FAD is to realize carbon fiber luxury furniture. I will concentrate efforts on a single project per time, to be able to take care of any details. The actual project regards 5 models of chaise- longue. Subsequently, the next step will be to draw and produce accessories for our chaise-longue, and then a complete furniture for a luxury office, obviously all in carbon fiber. After about 1 year of research, we found an Italian company with a particular technology derived from Formula 1 and aerospace industry, capable of almost totally reducing grain, substructures or backbones, rays, reinforcements or other "tricks" normally used by manufacturers (for convenience or lack of interest in technological innovation), resulting in change of the original design, ruining it, a solution I’ve never liked. Drawing an object and then modify it if not necessary, only to "avoid" research of innovative solutions, is a non-performing plan and it does not match the opportunity to mix innovative materials or technology with the tradition of craftsman to create a design for high- end profile audience.My thought is the design should be able to blend the art and creativity of forms, along with the ability to be used, with the comfort of the creation itself. Otherwise, you run the risk of creating an object that becomes an excellent “exercise of style” but, in practice, uncomfortable or even unusable. Has explained before, the current catalogue consists of 5 models, entirely designed by me, 4 in full carbon fiber and 1 in carbon fiber and aluminum. Moreover, for the MONOLITE, there is also the possibility to make it completely in polyurethane foam, with a new technology that use also spray leather and can create truly unique products with an excellent durability, it is machined from full and it is totally covered by a layer of spray leather that means it can be outdoor under the sun and weather all the day, without any pain. The prototype of the LONG has been exhibited at the “ INTERNATIONAL SALONE DEL MOBILE OF MILANO, MILANO DESIGN WEEK 2017 (Superstudio Group, Milano, via Tortona 27), a fully aluminum prototype of MSQUARE is ready and also an MSQUARE with an aluminum frame and carbon fiber seat is ready. Each product is handmade by craftsmen, In Italy, exclusively in “limited edition” and “on demand” because is custom tailored and reflects the individual desires and needs of its owner. When you choose FAD, you become a player in an all-Italian story, the story of exclusive handmade products. My goal is to become a landmark in the manufacture of luxury carbon fiber furniture, with unparalleled style, innovation and a vast experience in furnishing and building, that comes from my previous working experience, elements able to offer the best of “ Made in Italy “. My customer is the one who craves the uniqueness of a real piece of Italian art and design, rare in the world for 3 reasons: • It is "Handmade in Italy" • It is “Customizable” • It is “limited and numbered edition” FAD represents contemporary design and Italian manufacturing, moreover, combines performance with sleek design. A symbiosis of the most exquisite of modern design, the greatest precision, the innovative technology and the avant-garde in carbon fiber furniture creation, that yields fascinating results in our masterpieces From point 0 until today I have been able to sustain the project with my efforts and economic resources, hence the decision to look for investors interested in the project because the now project is ready for "go to market" step, which now requires more economic engagement. In this phase things are getting more serious and require a high level of attention on any details which can not be left to chance or improvised, considering the kind of market we’re going to play.

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