Graduated with honors in Business Management curriculum Marketing in 2016, Marta Valenti worked for the first time in the world of startups in 2017 then in 2018 she made her first experience in BizPlace. After another experience as a Marketing Assistant in a multinational company and one as a Foreign Sales Representative, Marta today holds the role of Marketing & Communication Manager in BizPlace. His responsibilities concern the management of BizPlace’s online and offline communication channels, including the website, Google campaigns, Social Media Management, Email Marketing and Event Organization.

Always fascinated by the world of startups and innovation, Marta makes her knowledge and skills available in the world of marketing to acquire new leads, retain old customers and improve customer lifetime value.

Area of expertise
Social Media Management
Email Marketing
Digital Advertising
Communication Strategy
Event organisation
Marketing & Communication Manager at BizPlace (2021 - present)
Foreign Commercial and Logistics support at Tomassini Arredamenti (2020-21)
Marketing Assistant at Acciai Speciali Terni SPA (2020)
Digital Marketing Assistant at BizPlace (2018-2019)
Web marketing Assistant at Pagine Sì SPA (2017-2018)
Marketing Manager at Wallfarm (2017)
Master's degree in Business Management (2016)