Investor Reporting

Investor Reporting

Equipping yourself with an internal reporting tool is crucial to streamline business data, especially when new non-operational cap-table members enter the business.

However, this is a complex and delicate activity that requires time, money and vertical expertise in the Venture Capital market and finance.

Our Proposal

Structuring and managing for the startup a periodic reporting service to investors of their cap-table.

The service is customized according to the characteristics of the business model and the life stage of the project and is carried out by a team of venture capital experts accustomed to daily confrontation with business angels and funds.

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1. Saving time and resources

The service allows startups to focus on the growth of their business, dedicating themselves completely to the core business of the company.

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2. Communicative experience

BizPlace knows how to make the most of the innovations by conveying the key messages to win the trust of investors.

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3. Reliability of reporting

BizPlace is a recognized and appreciated subject of the Italian and independent VC world.

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4. Useful analysis tool

Regular reporting makes startups more transparent to potential new investors, increasing the chances of raising new capital.


How the service works

An analyst dedicated to the project:

  • Analyze the business;
  • Rationalize existing information;
  • Identify the key metrics to be monitored and summarize them in a single and intuitive “dashboard”;
  • Form an internal figure in the startup for the continuous collection of data of interest;
  • Prepare periodic reports to be sent to the investors with this data;
  • Give independent judgement on the performance of the business and will provide details about the achievement or non-achievement of the objectives.
  • Will act as a first filter if one or more investors are interested in further information and/or clarifications about the data entered in the report.

Some metrics analyzed in the reports

  • CAC
  • Churn rate
  • Referral rate
  • Total Ads cost per channel
  • Number of new contracts closed
  • MRR
  • Sales per Business Unit
  • Business Unit Margin
  • Burn rate
  • Cumulated Cash Flow
  • Revenue / EBITDA LTM
  • CAGR
  • New industrial partnership
  • Prizes and awards
  • New strategic partner
  • New Business Unit
  • New patents filed
  • R&D expenses
  • Key technical figures input
  • New projects on site
  • Concise judgement on financial sustainability
  • Analysis of performance deviation from BP
  • Comments about the most important events that occurred in the period