Investor Reporting

Investor Reporting

Equipping yourself with an internal reporting tool is crucial to streamline business data, especially when new non-operational cap-table members enter the business.

However, this is a complex and delicate activity that requires time, money and vertical expertise in the Venture Capital market and finance.

Our Proposal

Structuring and managing for the startup a periodic reporting service to investors of their cap-table.

The service is customized according to the characteristics of the business model and the life stage of the project and is carried out by a team of venture capital experts accustomed to daily confrontation with business angels and funds.

1. Saving time and resources

The service allows startups to focus on the growth of their business, dedicating themselves completely to the core business of the company.

2. Communicative experience

BizPlace knows how to make the most of the innovations by conveying the key messages to win the trust of investors.

3. Reliability of reporting

BizPlace is a recognized and appreciated subject of the Italian and independent VC world.

4. Useful analysis tool

Regular reporting makes startups more transparent to potential new investors, increasing the chances of raising new capital.

How the service works

An analyst dedicated to the project:

  • Analyze the business;
  • Rationalize existing information;
  • Identify the key metrics to be monitored and summarize them in a single and intuitive “dashboard”;
  • Form an internal figure in the startup for the continuous collection of data of interest;
  • Prepare periodic reports to be sent to the investors with this data;
  • Give independent judgement on the performance of the business and will provide details about the achievement or non-achievement of the objectives.
  • Will act as a first filter if one or more investors are interested in further information and/or clarifications about the data entered in the report.

Some metrics analyzed in the reports

  • CAC
  • Churn rate
  • Referral rate
  • Total Ads cost per channel
  • Number of new contracts closed
  • MRR
  • Sales per Business Unit
  • Business Unit Margin
  • Burn rate
  • Cumulated Cash Flow
  • Revenue / EBITDA LTM
  • CAGR
  • New industrial partnership
  • Prizes and awards
  • New strategic partner
  • New Business Unit
  • New patents filed
  • R&D expenses
  • Key technical figures input
  • New projects on site
  • Concise judgement on financial sustainability
  • Analysis of performance deviation from BP
  • Comments about the most important events that occurred in the period