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Startups more dynamic than bigger competitors. A startup that knows how to innovate

24 JUNE 2020

Big companies in crisis can be helped by the greater dynamism of the small enterprises. It is precisely SMEs and startups that have the means to react to a crisis, such as this economic period of turmoil.

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BizPlace, the startup that helps finance other startups

26 MAY 2020

A startup that considers itself an exception to the rule in the ecosystem, because even in a period of a pandemic, it has managed not only to move forward but to grow.

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BizPlace launches its Investor Reporting service to support startups

10 MAY 2020

The Rome-based company in Italy for advising young companies launches a new way to support companies in internal communications with their investors.

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BizPlace launches the #REPARTIEMOINSIEME call for startups and SMEs

22 APRIL 2020

BizPlace is offering a free path of preparation and accompaniment in the business plan to the best ideas, services and activities that will participate in the call #RIPARTIAMOINSIEME, on the theme of reconstruction guided by a team of under 30 experts in financial strategy and fundraising.

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BizPlace launches #Repartiamoinsieme, call for startups and SMEs

7 APRIL 2020

BizPlace launches a call for startups and SMEs and opens up a free advisory service for the best startups and SMEs who will prove that their services will have an impact on reconstruction post COVID19.

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Coronavirus Rome: Freeble, BizPlace and Torniamopresto to support entrepreneurs in crisis

28 MARCH 2020

Online purchases, discounts and promotions to take advantage of upon reopening: these are the proposals of three technology companies to help support the local economy and business operations that are at risk of bankruptcy

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From warehouse worker to venture capitalist: the story of an Forbes Under 30 Italian

14 FEBRUARY 2020

Passionate about technology and business since his youth, Palmieri, now 25 years old, decided to merge his two passions and launch himself into the world of startups at the age of 19.

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17 future leaders from Fintech startups award the prize of "Italia Giovane", awarded at Luiss University

31 OCTOBER 2019

Candidates from Rome include Federico Palmieri, founder of BizPlace which is Italy’s leading provider of financial advisory services for innovative companies and startups. Federico is already listed this year by Forbes among the 100 most influential under-30s in Italy’.

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Young Italy Award 2019. Here are the winners in the name of Leonardo Da Vinci.

30 OCTOBER 2019

The winners of the sixth edition of the Premio Italia Giovane are between 19 and 34 years old, an initiative created by the Associazione Giovani per Roma that aims to enhance the lives and professional experiences of young people – strictly under 35 – and share and spread them in society.

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In Italy foreign students have had the opportunity to celebrate the youngest and most ‘innovative’ entrepreneurs who, by considering a business risk, have been able to create interesting business enterprises.

The ranking of Italy's most influential under-30s according to Forbes

9 APRIL 2019

Forbes has published a list of the most influential young Italians. This is the “top 100 under 30”, 100 young people under 30 who have managed to distinguish themselves in various sectors, including sports, finance, marketing and entertainment.

A startup which builds startups. The Bizplace model of finding investors

12 APRIL 2018

Federico Palmieri, 23 years old, Ceo of BizPlace explains the idea of his platform, born from the desire to start again after failure

Marta Bonaconsa


Hey, guys, I want to thank you for what you’re doing for Nanomnia, and for me. You give me a lot of enthusiasm and a lot of courage, and I’m very proud to have a partner of your level to support us in our journey. You are really very, very smart, and it is an honor to be your startup.
A big hug, thank you very much.

Luigi D'Elia


I joined the BizPlace group as if they were my lifelong friends, their professionalism is impeccable, willing to listen to you and perfect your ideas in order to support you in making your dream come true. They are professionals and attentive in all aspects, and above all, they are able to inspire their clients by integrating everything their clients lack in order to achieve an excellent result.

Dario Marchetti

How Much

What was just an idea is slowly turning into something tangible and BizPlace is helping us to do it. Our goal to get funding to give life to our startup is also the goal of these guys who put body and soul into making their clients’ dreams come true every day. Preparation, speed, clarity in communication and availability are just some of their strengths.

Francesca Onidi


I decided to rely on BizPlace to find investors for my startup. Their professionalism and preparation are incredible. They are prepared in every financial aspect and gave me very good advice in regard to presenting my startup to the investors. To anyone who is trying to find an investor I can recommend BizPlace without any doubt.

Ervis Beqiraj


I am happy to work with and have the BizPlace team support me and my startup. They are extremely professional and prepared, I highly recommend them!


Luca Paracchini


Usually for an entrepreneur it is difficult to find the right support in the early stages, the right people, the best contacts, but BizPlace is a powerful tool at our disposal. In a few weeks you will be ready to get started in the best way, working with exceptionally talented people. The rest… as always, is up to you!

Tommaso Parmigiani

Echo App

The BizPlace team is supporting my Echo startup with finding investments. The team is very helpful and prepared in all managerial and financial aspects, they follow you step by step to grow your startup.

Carmine Barbati


If you want to run a business, BizPlace is a must; their advice, services and support are at the top of this sector.
Congratulations and best wishes to the whole team!

Piero Valentino


I finally got to fulfil one of my dreams: to start my own startup. Thanks to the BizPlace team I had the chance to make my biggest startup dream come true. Thank you very much BIZPLACE!

Mattia Saracino


I decided to rely on BizPlace to steer career path from September 2017, as they offer a professional service carried out by really good consultants. Although my startup, MedWare, was at an early stage, they were able to support me in every way, making it grow to where it is now. If you have a startup and want to grow it, the best thing you can do is turn to them. Thank you BizPlace!

Alessandro Roncaglia


The BizPlace team followed my Teplaco startup in finding investors through consulting and direct dealing with their Investors. They are super helpful, competent and professional. I strongly suggest you trust them.

Marco Napoli


Their availability and professionalism are unparalleled, an excellent team. The place to look for if you want to achieve serious and concrete goals with your start up. You cannot be dissatisfied with the work that is done every day to help startups climb to success and find the necessary investments. If you want to achieve a dream, a project, or an idea, do not waste time. Contact them.

Nicola Sciasci


I am working on the launch of a product on the global market and have decided to trust BizPlace as a company since January 2018. They are a dynamic and highly qualified team that will help you to launch your product on the market from scratch. If you want to successfully launch your business, rely on BizPlace! Number one for start-ups in Italy.

Thomas Barcaro


The BizPlace team has been very professional and helpful from the start. We contacted them in December 2017 to find funding for our startup, they carried out a very accurate and detailed feasibility analysis and a strategic plan for the implementation of the business plan. BizPlace deals not only with consultancy but also personal help.

Cristian Mazzacani


I chose BizPlace for my Forwarding App because it helps people like me who had a good idea but don’t know how to implement it. From marketing to finding investors to collaborations with their clients. They are the first to provide a 360-degree service. If you want to launch a successful startup turn to them! Thanks BizPlace!

Giovanni Tavaglione


Relying on BizPlace I had the opportunity to find a team of competent, friendly and helpful guys. They are helping me with my startup at a practical level to find financial resources for a personal project I believe in.

Federico Dino


BizPlace is a serious and innovative company composed of a qualified and professional team that has guided us all the way with our start-up. Thanks to their support we were able to structure our business model in the best possible way and have a direct line with investors! To launch your startup successfully contact BizPlace!

Luca Carducci


The BizPlace team quickly and efficiently supported my EasyDev startup to find investments in a short time from November 2017 to Dec-17 by improving my business model and strategy. I highly recommend their service, CONTACT THEM TO START!

Alessandro Maruzzo


I come from the world of sport and massage and besides my idea of startup I have no other expertise in the field of entrepreneurship and the guys at BizPlace are following me step by step to build my idea. They are very helpful and professional but above all, they are human.

Damiano Manco


BizPlace represents a unique tool to navigate the most difficult demands that a company can face, finding countless solutions with a common purpose, SUCCESS. I thank BizPlace for all the opportunities that have presented themselves and others that will come, and I suggest that you commit to this wonderful team of capable, fast and determined professionals.

Andrea Cecconi

23 anni

If you are looking for excellent advice and support for a project or a dream that you would like to realize BizPlace is the right place. Professional relationship but also friendship and great understanding. Distance is not an obstacle for them, but rather it invites you to collaborate even more. A big thank you to Federico, Andrea and Luca and the BizPlace team for making me take my first steps in the world of Startups. Highly recommended; 10/10!

Luca Di Cicco


We met BizPlace in February 2018 and it is the PERFECT place to implement your ideas and startup projects and put them into practice as seamlessly as possible. It is a company made up of brilliant and capable minds who will make you feel truly at home by trying to channel the energy and possibilities of a start-up in the best way possible and helping to tackle the first but most important obstacles.

Roberto Negro


Since the first introductory call in March 2018, the BizPlace team has shown that they understand the project and that they would be interested in the industry and the market to help us find funding. When we started working together, everything became a reality and we are now followed in detail by our analyst who approaches the project exactly as a colleague, a person who believes in the project and who gives the best to achieve the goal of our first investment.

Giuseppe Garofalo

ACC Ride

I wanted to share my experience with you. In May 2018 I found a post on Facebook about BizPlace and intrigued by it I contacted them for information about their services. I came back from Rome satisfied and happy to have closed a partnership with them. A group of prepared and helpful young professionals, who accepted the challenge to follow our startup and present it to their network of investors. Thank you guys, you are magnificent.

Giorgio Maggi


When I met the BizPlace team in March 2018, I was particularly impressed by three aspects of their approach that I dare say are distinctive: Context Analysis; Innovative Vision; Pragmatism. If you have a startup, an innovative idea/product and intend to launch it on the market, their lean, integrated Methodology can help you grow to do business in the 21st century.

Cristian Mameli

La Testata

BizPlace has been very supportive in defining my business ideas and then presenting them to investors. If you want to do business, BizPlace is a great way to get started and find interested investors who can finance it. A service of great quality and professionalism! I recommend their service.

Eduardo Mazzaro

Mr Woof

What about the BizPlace guys? Nice, friendly, competent. They’ll guide you on your path, and they’ll hope, they’ll believe in your success; they’ll work hard to make it happen. Do you have a dream? The guys at BizPlace are the ones who can help you achieve it. They are like you, they had a dream and they made it and now they want to help you do the same. BizPlace is your chance!

Manuel Trotta


Meeting the BizPlace guys in May 2018 was a matter of luck, I would say. Here I found: low fees, dynamic environment, young people who know what they’re doing, graduates in specific fields, pro excel users, companions both in life and in business, capable people who give their all to achieve the goal, despite everything. So I think I’ve been enormously fortunate to meet them. I recommend BizPlace to all those who need to finance their startup.

Andrea Di Candia


Years of experience in healthcare led me to the idea of PatientBox. Unfortunately, Italy is a country still not very accustomed to the development and growth of a startup. BizPlace represents an oasis in the desert. Addressing the team chaired by Federico Palmieri I found professionalism but above all passion. I was supported in the first important strategic choices and in finding a serious financial partner for the achievement of my dream! All this in just 3 months.

Piero Fioretti


We started working with the BizPlace team in February 2018. Their approach was fantastic from the first moment on the phone. Welcoming, helpful and full of energy. From there it was the moment to start working together. The combined approach between Lean and Blue Ocean that we took together allowed us to make great strides forward. And we must not overlook the work they have done for us in terms of business plans and business development with investors.

Are you looking for investment for your startup or SME?