Venture Capital

Venture Capital is the supply of risk capital by institutional or private entities aims at target returns in excess of 20% over a 5/10 year time period. Investments are generally made in a speculative manner.

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Venture Capital is the most widespread solution for raising finance in the early stages of a startup’s life, i.e. seed and early stage.

When the VC reaches its fundraising objective, represented by the formal commitment on the part of its subscribers to reimburse funds when requested, it begins to operate according to its investment focus, which may concern the sectors of interest of the start-up, the life phase of the company in which it operates, or even the maximum (or minimum) amount of capital that can be disbursed in the individual deal.

The players in Venture Capital are:

Business Angel or informal investor is generally a wealthy person who supplies funds to invest in a company, often in exchange for bonds or equity.

A CV fund mainly invests in financial capital in companies that are too risky for standard capital markets or bank loans. Often the same name is given to funds created specifically for this purpose, whereas the entities carrying out these operations are called venture capitalists. Learn more.

Family Office is a service company that manages the assets of wealthy families and acts as a center for the financial and administrative management of the assets. Learn more.

The most interesting business opportunities are in the sectors of food, fashion and retail, but also fintech and digital health where starting a business project can be a competitive advantage.

Venture Capital Financing in Italy

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Our Venture Capital Startups

Nanomnia is a start-up in the bio-nanotechnology sector. The project takes advantage of the enabling capabilities of nanotechnology, the encapsulation of active ingredients in nanoparticles to adapt them to the nutraceutical, pharmaceutical and environmental sectors.

A startup with the goal to enrich the wellness market with unique technology, which uses more than 30 years of biomedical engineering research to create non-invasive solutions for predictive diagnosis and personalised treatments.

Smartphoners is a revolutionary navigation system that monitors driving and rewards good behavior. The vision is to become one of the world leaders in the collection of driver data and monitor and optimise the behaviors driving their users/employees.

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Venture Capital in BizPlace

Venture Capital is a financing channel for start-ups and SMEs which BizPlace refers to in several cases. Our team of analysts will evaluate the feasibility of the initial project, draw up specific documentation for investors and accompany the start-up until the capital is obtained.

The BizPlace team supports start-ups and SMEs in showing their returns and potential to investment funds in the best possible way.

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