Corporate Venture Capital

What is Corporate Venture Capital?

Corporate Venture Capital refers to that kind of investment in startups and SMEs which has not only a purely financial and speculative goal. This is a growth opportunity for startups and small/medium-sized innovative companies. An investment that goes beyond the simple financial perspective.

The CVC funds in fact acquire participations (often of control) in the target companies also and above all to have a direct access to the know-how and to the technologies developed by them. In fact, we are talking about the form of financing most directly linked to the concept of open innovation.

The Corporate Venture Capital (CVC) is the type of investment that a company, usually of medium-large size, make on one or more startups through a dedicated fund. The cvc funds collect  shares of capital (generally minority) of new companies but do not do it only from a financial point of view, as a  “classic” venture capital would do , but also to have a privileged access to the innovations and technologies developed by the startups.

22.9% of the Italian startup is attended by companies established. This figure speaks volumes about the importance of Corporate Venture Capital as a financing channel for startups and SMEs. Many companies invest in startups above all in search of that innovation that today is essential for success in many sectors, but  in large and structured organizations it is often very difficult to achieve  with their own internal forces due to structures that are not so agile and rather cumbersome business processes.

The Corporate Venture Capital is a source of financing for booming startups and SMEs : in 2017 Corporate Venture Capital reached the record figure of over 31 billion dollars in private market investments due to its nature as a useful tool for the open innovation. This is a win-win logic: on the one hand the startup gains the investment, on the other the fund / company obtain a direct connection with an inexhaustible pool of innovation, business models to be tested and a network of potential partners.

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Corporate Venture Capital in BizPlace

BizPlace connects start-ups and innovative SMEs with investors in the Corporate Venture Capital channel. In this type of financing, the investor, in addition to providing capital, is interested in acquiring knowledge, technology and market network of reference of the company that it goes to support.

BizPlace provides its clients with a team of CVC experts able to identify, on the basis of an in-depth analysis of the needs and feasibility of the start-up project, which investor could be more available and interested and thus creates the contact.

The BizPlace team is responsible for creating a perfect synergy between the start-up and the company that invests.

Our startups in CVC


It is a startup that realizes augmented reality viewers for industrial use. Remote assistance, field training, image recognition and much more.

It is a startup that offers two solutions for motorcycle riders, that is a system for storing up to two helmets, a top box, a back protector and two technical jackets with reduced dimensions (85 liters).

Desamanera is one of the very few companies in the world specializing in 3D printing technology and systems for large dimensions (4% of the approximately 470 global manufacturers. Source Price Waterhouse).

Solink is a startup that produces and markets photovoltaic panels and hybrid systems to ensure the well-being of man and the environment

The IAS is a company specialized in the development, production and sale of armored vehicles. In the first year of activity, the IAS developed an APC vehicle called Testudo and obtained first orders for around 4.5 M €

SpeaRoad is an innovative pedal that allows you to signal your position and insert directional       indicators and lights without needing to recharge the batteries. While pedaling the app connected the individual’s wellness parameters.

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