What is crowdfunding?

Crowdfunding or collective financing is a form of collective investment which, through web platforms supervised by CONSOB, allows investors to directly support the startup and SME market.

Amounts raised through equity crowdfunding

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Equity Crowdfunding

Equity Crowdfunding is one of the four existing Crowdfunding models.

Its development was favored after the 2008 financial crisis, due to the growing difficulty of access to credit by businesses.

The Equity model provides for the financing to take place in the form of risk capital: investors who participate in the collection, usually with less than €4,000, obtain shares in the company with equity and administrative rights, unless otherwise provided by the company.

Lending Crowdfunding

Lending crowdfunding is also called money loan.

In particular, the reference is made to the forms of disintermediation of the loan, both for organisations and for individuals, in which the direct choice of the project to be financed can be provided.

In this type of transaction, as for normal bank credit, the borrower must pay an interest rate on the sum of money obtained.

The best equity crowdfunding platforms

  • Mamacrowd
  • Crowdfundme
  • Walliance
  • 200 Crowd
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Partnership with Mamacrowd

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Mamacrowd is the first equity crowdfunding platform in Italy. The partnership between our companies gives greater structure to the deal flow of Italian startups to support them in finding investors “from the crowd”.

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BizPlace has a partnership with October Italia, the largest lending crowdfunding platform in Europe. The goal is to channel startups that target debt capital as a development plan on the October platform.

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